At NUCL, we believe that our Corporate Social Responsibility goes beyond any existing horizon and,

closer to those who truly deserve our help and support. It is about reaching out to the real people in need.That’s why NUCL’s new initiative includes villages as it integrates them in the mainstream by involving them on various projects directly run by the company.

This unique initiative helps people from different communities by training and motivating them to work in such a way that it ensures their overall growth and development.

NUCL is working with an NGO by setting up and maintaining handlooms provide for raw material and train women to weave the fabric, which we buy from them.

This further enables these women to earn more to spend on health & education of their family members.

NU is also planning to sell these village creations as a special range for a special cause.


Numero Uno in association with JEANOLOGIA of SPAIN, the world leaders in garment washing technology have installed G2, ECO and Lazer machines.

G2E- soft fabric washing machine - Uses 90% less water & 80% less electricity while washing a garment

Lazer Lab - Laser Lab is equipped with Laser Machines imported from Jeanologia, Spain. Use of Laser technology enhances the production rate and helps in replication of same effect on all garments as it is not a manual process. It is also an environmental friendly post-treatment process, since only evaporated dye and few carbon particles will be produced

during production, traditional washing and bleaching processes can be eliminated thus no contaminated water will be discharged, and less energy will be used. It produces elaborate, precise, custom designs - from whiskers, chevrons, breaks, fading to actual images. The Effects are easy to design and reproduce. It also eliminates the need for sandblasting and manual scraping thus preserving the environment and saving the workers from respiratory health problems

The Ozone Bleaching Process

In its commitment to preserve the natural resources and safe guard the environment,

Numero Uno has installed the Ozone generators that use the natural ozone gas present in the atmosphere.

Ozone gas is a strong bleaching agent and thus acts as a replacement of bleaching process.

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