Sustainable Fashion Choices for Men: Diwali Edition

Sustainable Fashion Choices for Men: Diwali Edition

We are just weeks away from Diwali and we know that you have already started with your preparations. Apart from the prayers and family gatherings, as an occasion, Diwali also presents with an opportunity to exhibit your style like no other festival. In fact, the Diwali gatherings often turn into mini fashion contests of their own with every participant, whether men or women, making efforts to present the very best of their sartorial selves.

You have perhaps already started with your deliberations on what to wear come this Diwali. What is it that will make you stand apart from the rest? Well, in case there are some confusions then worry not, cause we’ve got you covered. Today, we will share with you some of the best men’s fashion trends for diwali and also give you some important tips that will give you an edge over others.

So, let the fireworks begin:

  1. Jaipur Print shirts

    Celebrate the festival of lights in style with Jaipur Print full and half sleeves shirt — a fusion of modern elegance and traditional charm. This dynamic attire offers both breathability and sleekness, making it an ideal addition to your festive wardrobe. Embrace a style that harmonizes fashion with subtlety, reflecting the spirit of Diwali. Opt for this light outfit, leaving behind the weight of heavy attires, which makes it perfect for playing with fireworks.

  2. Bomber Jackets with kurtas

    Combining bomber jackets with traditional kurta - This modern twist to traditional attire adds a touch of warmth and edginess to your festive look. The sleek silhouette of a bomber jacket complements the flowing elegance of a kurta, making it a perfect ensemble for a Diwali celebration. You can opt for vibrant, embroidered kurtas paired with a neutral-toned or metallic bomber jacket, striking a balance between traditional and modern aesthetics. This fusion not only keeps you cozy during the chilly autumn evenings but also showcases your fashion-forward sensibility, making it a great choice for a memorable Diwali outfit.

  3. Kurta shirts: A must have

    Indulge in the trend of kurta-style shirts this Diwali, as they emerge as the epitome of sartorial chic. The fusion of a shirt’s structure with the aesthetic elegance of a kurta adds a distinctive touch to your festive ensemble, ensuring you stay on the cutting edge of fashion. These kurta shirts, with their unique blend of quirky yet enchanting design, make for an excellent choice to elevate your Diwali wardrobe. Summon your inner fashion maven, take a bold step, and embrace this style for a Diwali look that’s as captivating as the festival itself.

  4. The evergreen jackets

    Embrace the evergreen jackets, a timeless fashion choice that remains eternally stylish. Elevate your Diwali ensemble with a trendy bomber jacket adorned with a chic band collar and sleek zip closure. Pair this with a elegant plain kurta and classic denim jeans. Let the combination exude an aura of contemporary elegance with ethnic touch, ensuring a magnificent Diwali look that resonates with the joy and splendour of the festival.

  5. Capture the flowery essence of Diwali

    Diwali is not just about lights. It is also a festival of flowers and colours. Incorporate this aspect of the festival by embracing floral patterns into your Diwali celebration, that not only inject exuberance but also impart a rejuvenating, dew-kissed allure. Choose the lightweight flower-printed half-sleeve shirts, that feel liberating and airy. Opt for hues like ethereal off-white, delicate pastel pink, or serene green, and adorn yourself in the elegance of tradition while embracing the romantic allure of Diwali.

  6. Printed shirt paired with ripped jeans

    Go for a fresh and youthful interpretation of the customary kurta pajama, adorned with contemporary flair. The asymmetrical kurta, coupled with Ripped jeans trousers . This ensemble embodies a unique blend of Indian heritage and modern innovation, leaving a lasting impression. This ensemble stands as one of our top favourites for men to don during the festive spirit of Diwali. Enhance the look with a rich hue, allowing this captivating outfit to speak volumes and elevate your presence during the joyous Diwali celebrations.

  7. Bandhgala with jeans

    Indo-Western is in the trend, and if you wish to explore this style while maintaining a flair of elegance and suave then perhaps there is no better combination for you to try than the Bandhgala coat with a jeans trouser. The Bandhgala, the quintessential Indian coat that stands for sophistication and high culture, can blend well with a staple of Western menswear like the jeans. The contrast in colours and fabrics of the two clothing pieces will surely create a refined aesthetic appeal. For an even better appearance, make sure to choose a well fitting Bandhgala and a classic fit jeans, that is neither very skinny, nor too baggy. This will complement your frame well and accentuate your silhouette to give you the classic masculine flair.

  8. Nehru Jackets.

    One of the most versatile pieces of menswear from the East, the Nehru jacket stands out as a fashion statement for the cultured men. Exuding its Indian aesthetic in a very subtle manner and yet very unequivocally, the Nehru jacket blends well with both Indian and Western outfits. You can layer it over your usual kurta pajamas, or over a pair of tailored shirt and trousers. In either case, the Nehru jacket will only add to the flair of the ensemble.

    Add in a fine pocket square, and you are ready to slay with your Nehru jacket. Be it the rooftop party or the ritual proceedings, this outfit will certainly make you stand out from the rest. One secret cheat code – in case you don’t have enough of ethnic in your wardrobe this diwali, then only a Nehru jacket is sufficient to transform your Western attire to Indo-Western .

Some tips for Diwali fashion:

  1. With Indian attires, prioritize a well-fitted outfit over the loose, oversized trend in the West. Ensure your kurta or jacket fits impeccably, flattering your silhouette.

  2. Choose high-quality pieces, as they significantly impact your overall look. Not only do they enhance your appearance, but they also provide longevity, allowing you to wear them for multiple occasions.

  3. Avoid excessive extravagance. While wearing embellished Diwali outfits is fine, maintain a subtle and minimal approach. Save heavily embroidered pieces for weddings. Keep your festive style tasteful yet chic.

  4. Prioritize light, uncomplicated attire. If you intend to burst crackers, avoid heavily embroidered outfits. Opt for a breezy, printed shirt with jeans to ensure easy movement.

  5. Diwali leans towards a casual, traditional vibe. Highly formal attire isn’t ideal. If you prefer some formality, blend it with a casual touch and enjoy the festivities.

As Diwali nears, the excitement for celebrations and showcasing our unique styles is on an increase. It’s a time when fashion becomes a part of the festivities, a way to express oneself and stand out in the vibrant gatherings. From Mandala Print shirts to Kurta shirts, evergreen jackets to capturing the floral essence of Diwali, and modern interpretations like printed shirts paired with ripped jeans or the classic Bandhgala with jeans, the options are abundant.

To enhance your Diwali fashion opt for a tasteful yet subtle approach in your Diwali attire, considering the festive context and the activities you’ll engage in. Strike a balance between tradition and modernity, reflecting the spirit of the occasion while expressing your personal style.

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