We trace our links back to the 80s when denim started making its presence felt in the country's new lifestyle. Inspired by these changing trends, as reflected by our popular movies, scintillating music and fascinating culture, the fashion-savvy Indian youth aspired for a pair of denim.
But not many international brands offered the same.

" This marked the entry of Numero Uno Jeanswear in India. "


The brand sourced the fabric from Indian mills, designed and manufactured a range of world-class jeanswear as per the preferences of the masses and unleashed a wonderful era of denim fashion in India. The country loved this brand and acknowledged its affair with denim as its Numero Uno choice.

NU is one of the most admired jeanswear brand in the country. Now the brand also offers a truly wide and marvelous range of casual wear with its famous collection of jeanswear. In fact, the new range is as wide as your imagination. There are cool and stylish shades, patterns and designs of shirts, tees, jackets, belts, shoes and bags.


Besides, Numero Uno is one of those very few names in India which can design, manufacture and market their own denim.

Numero Uno’s exponentially growing market dominance is backed by its state-of- the-art manufacturing unit in Dehradun. Steadfastly focused towards quality, innovation and value for money, the brand is growing by leaps and bounds and is now present in over 200 exclusive brand stores, more than 700 multi-brand outlets and many large format stores across the country.

What's more, it is also available through all major e-tailer along with its own e-commerce portal www.numerounojeanswear.com

Brand Philosphy

In a world where all that matters is what we aren't, being real is the silent cry of our existence. We are so used to being 'not-so-me' that it has become the way of life. But deep within, our yearning craves to be free. The freedom of what we are and the resilience of the acceptance. True it is, there are multiple faces to every individual. But every individual makes this world unique. As they say, when alone in a room, no one's fair, no one's dark, neither tall, nor short. Everybody is an 'I', second to none. This is the unsaid truth of the world, the undeniable epiphany of the Real people. This ideology sets the core of the existence of Numero Uno – The Real Denim for Real People. There is something for everyone. And there is one for everything.