Workout Clothing Essentials: Explore Numero Uno's Active Lifestyle Collection

Workout Clothing Essentials: Explore Numero Uno's Active Lifestyle Collection

With heat levels going down and the atmosphere getting cold, many people are looking to start a fitness routine in the winters. There are several advantages of venturing into a fitness journey in the winter season. First, the cold weather optimises lesser body energy, and thus allows for longer training sessions. Second, under a cooler atmosphere, you are spared from various problems such as heavy perspiration, excessive exhaustion and dehydration. Third, according to various studies, working out in colder temperatures can increase the amount of calories burnt.

Taking in account such factors, winters are increasingly becoming a favoured season for many fitness enthusiasts. However, merely working out may not be sufficient to meet your goals. Along with a right exercise routine and proper diet, you’d also need suitable active wear to optimise your training. A proper active wear not only provides you with the needed flexibility, regulate temperature and ensure comfort but also boosts your confidence during gruelling sessions by making you look great even while grinding hard.

Such being the advantages of active wear, we are sure that you want to incorporate them into your fitness journey as well. But you may still be confused on what and how many active wears you should get. Well, worry not, for we’ve got you covered. Today, we will suggest you some essential active wears from the collection of Numero Uno that’ll set up you up on your fitness trail with style.

Track Suit:

A classic track suit is like a loyal companion in the fitness realm. Its versatile nature makes it ideal for a range of activities, from brisk morning jogs to evening cooldowns. The jacket keeps you warm during chilly outdoor workouts, while the pants offer flexibility for various exercises. Picture yourself confidently striding through the park, as the track suit’s sleek design enhances your every move.

Track Suits

Fleece Joggers:

When the temperature drops, fleece joggers step up as your thermal allies. Whether you’re tackling a winter run or indulging in some early morning yoga, these snug joggers provide the warmth your muscles crave. Their soft fabric ensures comfort without compromising on style – a crucial balance for those who want to stay cozy while turning heads.

Fleece Joggers

Slim Joggers:

Slim joggers are the embodiment of style meeting functionality. Perfect for weight training or high-intensity workouts, their tapered fit emphasizes your physique. Imagine powering through a set of squats, the slim joggers highlighting your leg muscles while offering the flexibility necessary for a deep squat.

Slim Joggers


For those intense cardio sessions or sweltering summer workouts, shorts are your go-to choice. They offer unparalleled breathability, allowing your skin to stay cool and dry. Sprinting on the treadmill or engaging in agility drills becomes a breeze, and the added freedom of movement lets you conquer each workout with ease.

Men's Shorts

Denim Shorts:

Denim shorts, surprisingly, have found a place in the active wear repertoire. They’re perfect for casual strolls or light workouts, blending comfort with a touch of urban style. Transition seamlessly from a quick jog to grabbing a post-workout smoothie without compromising on your fashion-forward look.

Denim Shorts

Hooded Sweatshirt:

The hooded sweatshirt, a symbol of effortless elegance. It’s not just for show; the hood provides a shield against the elements during outdoor activities, be it a drizzle or a gusty breeze. Picture yourself conquering a morning hike with the hooded sweatshirt as your armor, conquering nature’s challenges in style.

Hooded Sweatshirt

To complement your workouts, investing in the right active wear is essential. Numero Uno offers a versatile collection that not only enhances performance but also adds a touch of style to your fitness routine.

Whether it’s the classic track suit for various activities, fleece joggers providing warmth during winter workouts, or slim joggers combining style and functionality, Numero Uno has you covered.

Shorts offer breathability for intense cardio sessions, while denim shorts seamlessly blend comfort with urban style. Lastly, the hooded sweatshirt not only exudes effortless elegance but also shields you from the elements during outdoor activities.

By incorporating these essential active wears into your fitness arsenal, you not only optimize your performance but also elevate your confidence, making each workout a stylish and comfortable experience. So, gear up with Numero Uno and step into your fitness journey with both determination and flair.